SPI Ethernet with W5x00 / USR-ES1

Hi folks,

Trying to extend a ROCK PI S with two additional Ethernet interfaces using SPI.

using wiznets w5500lite Module:

here my uEnv.txt:

=> spidev1.0 is visible unter /dev
=> spidev-check with MISO-MOSI-loop works fine

=> MISO on GPIO3_B2, MOSI on GPIO3_B4, SCK on GPIO3_B3, CS on GPIO3_B5 connected

Still there is no additional eth appearing under ifconfig.

Do I need some kind of special overlay-file like one of the *.dtbos in overlay-folder?

Any one of you guys experienced in extending the Rock PI S with two more ethernets?

Thanks for your help and greets,

@feng can you give any advice?

Hi Peter,
appreciate your help!
Any news on this topic?
Best Michael

W5500 real speed is ~15Mbps. If I was in your place, I’d use a powered USB-C hub with built-in RTL8152 & additional RTL8152 dongle(s) into it, with a single power source powering the hub&SBC for simplicity. If you don’t need speed, can use visually identical hub & dongle(s) based on RD9700 that goes up to 12Mbps. Not only will either solution save you the headache, it will also be cheaper and easier to source than SPI W5500 & ENC28J60.

Thanks for your suggestion!
Would do it, if not the main purpose is to integrate everything in a small housing to create a smart device.
The USB-dongles are just too big for the solution and the W5500 is perfect to integrate.
Maybe switching to RPI Zero, there is an existing dtbo-file for W5500. :-/

BTW: speed is not a problem…some laser line data from a ToF sensor

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I understand. Good luck - and please let me know if you succeed!