SOLVED: SMD Inductor L6 on the Radxa Zero 1.5

Hello there, I’ve accidentally damaged component L6 on the schematic for the Radxa Zero, which I believe is an inductor. Can anybody tell me the exact model of this component so that I can replace it?

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In case anybody is wondering, it was indeed the BDCL002016101R0MS1/16500777. However, I was unfortunately not able to source that particular component.

On the bright side, I found a different inductor with the exact same specifications. It was either scrap the board or try, so I desoldered the damaged one and installed the new inductor. My Radxa Zero lives again and has been working perfectly for 16 hours non-stop today. I’m over the moon, especially since this was my first SMD desoldering experience.

The part I used instead was this one from Mouser: 81-1285AS-H-1R0MP2

1285AS-H-1R0M=P2 (Murata Power Inductors)

Well done! You get the hang of SMD soldering pretty quickly, and then it’s quite fun. I now find it easier than THT soldering because of the lower thermal mass and not having to flip the board over.

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