Snapcast Mopidy and more

I want to create a media audio streaming just like in this video, but instead of using an audio jack I want to use the HDMI port.

I’m using Ubuntu Focal 20.04 update 2021-11-22.

I just can’t get audio out via HDMI like in Radxa Zero documentation that said it would be “the easiest way”.

When I use the command aplay -l I get:

aplay: device_list:276: no soundcards found…

I think due to the minimal packages of Ubuntu version available here, there are some important missing app to play sound via HDMI (so if it “the easiest way” I don’t wanna see the other ways).

I did a trial using TwisterOS Focal Beta4 and it works. I just don’t want to use this heavier OS for this quite simple application.

Does anyone know the missing packages for Ubuntu? Or is there a more complete version of Ubuntu available for Radxa Zero?

LOL I wrote that since I too assume HDMI will just work. I mean S905Y2 is a set-top box SOC so it definitely has the capability.

I’ll test this on Monday. Meanwhile I don’t see have any HDMI audio devices in the office…

Might be related to Fe.dai-link-0: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for fe.dai-link-0. Pinging @Stephen for confirmation.

This is fixed. Please upgrade kernel to the latest version, 5.10.69-9-amlogic. (Radxa APT buster-testing and focal-testing)


sudo apt update
sudo apt linux-5.10-radxa-zero-latest

As for HDMI audio not working, this is a known issue. Still work on it.

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Any word on HDMI audio working. I’m using Debian from the wiki but only thing I’ve been waiting for now is HDMI audio to work