Shutdown state power consumption


Does anyone happen to know how much power the radxa zero consumes after it is shut down? As in using the Power off command or shutdown?

I have a project using a power bank with a pi 4, and in a shutdown state, it drains so little power, the pack shuts off, which I like. I tried a rock pi s, and it draws too much power to allow the power bank to shut off. I’m hoping the zero will behave like the pi 4.

Only thing I have seen @grog is this

The pi4 will go down to approx 3mA if you sudo poweroff or sudo shutdown -P and you have to power cycle to wake up the pmic.

If you look at the power section the pmic MP1601/MP1605 has an enable but not on all whilst RockpiS seems to just use a simple RC delay without enable for all.

So yeah likely it could be less than the RockpiS, but maybe not as low as the Pi4 as it has a global enable?

I wonder if it will be low enough. Having the bank shut off makes turning the pi back on real easy. I just push a button the bank