Settings lost on Android installed on SD-Card (Rock Pi 4C+)


I’ve downloaded the Android 11 image from (Rock4C_Plus_Android11_20220408_1609-gpt.img.xz) and installed it to a micro-SD card.

I’m able to boot from the SD card and setup the device. But settings of apps (e.g. Chrome) are lost after a reboot. And I get a notification that the SD card is not supported and need to be formatted.

If I format the SD card, Android will format the whole card and erase itself (so a reboot afterwards fails).

Is there any way to use the SD card also for storing app data/configurations?

Thanks, far

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Same issue here. I initially tested a RPi 4SE with the Android 11 image off an SD Card, and found that it would display the “Unsupported SD Card” error message whenever it’s booted off an SD.

When you format the disk in the system settings it ends up wiping all but the bootloader on the SD Card therefore leaving you with the RockChip kernel screen but it can’t go any further.

Hopefully a fix in tthe Android image or elsewhere can be found because this is a major stopping block for a project I have planned. the eMMC modules do resolve this issue but they’re expensive in comparison to a class A2 SD card

same issue here on rock5a android 12 official radxa image