Setting up 4c without hdmi monitor?

Hello friends. Got my 4c, really excited to try it out. But i’m not sure how to start. I flashed microsd card with debian image, and inserted it into the device. Powered it on with USB-C. My goal is to connect to ssh and/or vnc.

I connected my iMac with PI via ethernet cable, but i can’t see it when i scan network. So it must have not gotten there? I realize if I had an hdmi monitor, and then keyboard, things would be much easier. But I dont know what PI expects of me. Is there any guide to setting up headless?

A USB to TTL Serial adapter can be used, and is a handy tool to have when working with embedded stuff like this. Pick up one with a CP2102 or CH359 and follow the instructions on the Wiki to access the console over it.

Thanks a lot for clear directions, will try that one out.

You’re welcome, but I just realized I made a mistake, the chip is CP2102 not 2012. My apologies!

Thanks again. Meanwhile, i couldn’t get my hands on the usb-ttl, but my friend may have it when he returns from his trip. I wonder if there is any other way to connect via ethernet? Need to know ip for that, but how? Scanning all ips in the existance is probably not possible… wonder what else i can do

Oh! foudn the solution. Connected Rock to the router directly, checked associated devices, started trying them all one by one, tried rock/rock - didn’t work but linaro/linaro did. Great!

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