Set E25 to USB Host via software

Is it possible to configure the E25 USB to Host instead of OTG using software?
For exemple, on the PI4 you can add:

What is the equivalent on the E25?

I know it’s possible to open the unit and slide a switch, but it’s not possible to do this when the box is at a remote site :frowning: So having a way to specify it in the dtoverlay or the dtb is definitely a must.

Thanks in advance!

Please refer here

There is a toggle switch behind the E25 USB port to switch it to host.

could you try this overlay?


/ {
	compatible = "rockchip,rk3568";

	fragment@0 {
		target = <&usbdrd_dwc3>;

		__overlay__ {
			dr_mode = "host";
}; (387 Bytes)