Serial Console with Rock PI 4 B from NanoPi


I have RockPi 4 B on remote location and it has now got stuck twice and recovering from that requires driving 200Km. I have spare NanoPI Neo Air and I am wondering that is it possible to connect NanoPi’s GPIO’s to RockPi’s GPIO’s so that from NanoPi I can access RockPi’s console and login via that console into RockPi?

If that is possible, next time if/when RockPi 4B gets stuck, I don’t need to drive 200Km.
Please advice. Thank you!

I am not sure about the uart to uart connection but even if you get it to work and when it gets stuck you might not have access to the uart output.
Maybe you need a smart plug to access it remotely so when ever the device get stuck you can just power cycle it.

Normally rockpi4b shouldn’t get stuck if you’re running a stable Os and services on it.