Searching for UPS, maybe DIY


Hi Guys,

I`m searching for an UPS solution for my RockPi4. Maybe something like that:

Are solutions for the RasPi over GPIO compatible for the RockPi4?
Or are there any DIY workarounds?



This should work with ROCK Pi 4 since the power pin are the same. I think the command to show the charging status needs a driver, some communication via I2C. As long as they provide driver, It can work on ROCK Pi 4.

The UPS idea is very interesting.


Hello Deanna,

If you are interested in a kinda DIY ups I can highly recommend the Adafruit PowerBooster 1000c.
If you follow this guide:
you will have a smart psu that detects when your main power supply is being cut off and thus switches to uninterrupted backuo (e.g a battery).
And once power comes back from the main power supply it will switch back to it.

I am using this setup for my car radio. Once I turn the ignition off, my 12V from the car battery are gone which is being detected by the psu. My pi watches that gpio and turns itself off. When the ignition is being turned back on, the whole setup starts again.
I have not tried it with my rockpi 4b yet, but it works flawlessly with my raspi 3b+. But I am pretty sure that it will work with the rock pi as well.

The only downside to your ups is that you can’t read battery charge off the secondary battery.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.


Thank you. I will take a look at that board.


I use a powerbank for that. It charges while I use it. When power cuts I can keep using my gear for +10hours.
Not all power banks can charge and give a load together. Some higher end ones can do it. Read the specs carefully. For the RockPi best one with quickcharge. You need 2A at every voltage. Best +15 000 mAh. I use 26 800 mAh power banks that can give 2.7A per port. Good for all my 5V SBCs, but I`ll need a new one for the RockPi4.

I take my sbcs along on big cycling trips thru europe. I charge my powerbanks with solar panels, and so power my sbcs and camera`s and so.


Just ordered this to use as both UPS and bench PSU. With 50 Ah storage capacity, it also has all of the voltages, connections, and QC features that the ROCK Pi 4B utilizes.

I hope Radxa folks agree that this is an ideal UPS solution for the ROCK Pi 4B. The 5VDC USB connection is also useful for powering peripherals. I’m also hoping to charge it with a solar panel for off-grid devices.


Well while the board in the movie looks amazing, so far I did not find any prices for it, so far this looked nice and with libraries for linux, now depends on the requirements and on the budgets and space required.