SD Card Boot issues

New RockPi4 user here. I’ve received my RockPi. Powered up, green light ok.

Flashed SD card but can’t get any output on screen. Green light doesnt flash.

I’ve taken a booting SD card from a Pi3 and put it into the RockPi but nothing, tried the switch in both positions… any suggestions on what I can try? (I dont have an eMMC card)

Hi clonedeux,

What is your sd card model and what image are you burning?

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its a Kingston 64GB type 10 SD card. I flashed Ubuntu 20.04LTS desktop version.

The SD card I took from the running Pi3b is also a Kingston, 16gb type 10 running Raspbian.

Did you download your image from here?

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No I didnt, I wasnt aware that there was a RockPi repo. Are the versions so different?

I used the official Ubuntu version from their website, but I will now download from the link you shared and try again.

Thank you!

Re-flashed using the RockPi Debian image and system boots just fine. Thanks for your help @setq

Another case of RTFM