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Does anyone has tested the work of Rock Pi X with the Official Raspberry Pi 7’’ Touchscreen under Windows 10? Is everything works fine?

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Im using this one, and it works as expected. i have not tried the “Official” one though.

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I’m using a similar one too, but I think that the “Official” connects to the Raspberry Pi through a ribbon cable, not via USB+HDMI.
The Rock Pi X indeed has a display connector for a ribbon cable (CPU side, beside the microSD socket), the question is whether it works under Windows or Linux.

Thank you for your replies.
Yes I meant that connects with the ribbon to the main board.
I read Raspberry Pi official touch screen description more carefully and understood, that even if it working fine, it is only 800X480, that can cut me from using a lot of software with minimum requirements of 800X600, so I probably gonna use one with HDMI plus USB connection.
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I am using the same one as Phil, touch works out of the box with windows 10 resolution is very sharp and clear @ 1024x600 and it connects to the board with a standard HDMI connector on one end that turns into a ribbon style connector for the board side connection . (That hybrid cable comes with the screen)
This leaves you with a hdmi out connector on the board that can be used to connect to to an out board monitor or t.v.
And dont pay $85 for this screen, i see them on ebay or AliExpress more in the range of $40