SC16IS752 on Rock 5b

I’m trying to use SC16IS752 on the Rock 5b. I’ve already compiled a kernel, to include the sc16is7xx kernel module, and a device overlay for the module. I’ve got until this point, a snippet from the kernel messages:

[ 9.149227] serial serial1: tty port ttySC0 registered
[ 9.149449] spi1.1: ttySC1 at I/O 0x1 (irq = 197, base_baud = 921600) is a SC16IS752
[ 9.149627] serial serial2: tty port ttySC1 registered

But it can’t be found at /dev/ttySC*. What am I missing?


I’ve got it resolved. I used a Raspberry overlay as a template, which didn’t work as you can see. But upon searching I saw the RK3399-spi2-sc16is752 overlay, which using as a template for the Rock 5b now it works as intended.