Sata M.2 not supported

I have been puzzling over why m.2 sata ssd don’t work as to be honest why is a bit of a mystery to me.

If anyone has a Sata m.2 ssd and finds the debian build script easy enough maybe you would humour me an build a version with

As that does seem to be missing and the only reason I can think of?


I don’t have any m.2 as would try myself.

CONFIG_SATA_AHCI is enabled by default or we can not support USB to SATA adapters.

Which model of m.2 SATA SSD are you referring to?

Apols I most of done a typo as searched for it earlier and came up blank.
No model in particular just what is being said in the community that none seem to work or be supported?

Indeed we don’t support SATA protocol m.2 SSD directly, we can support pcie to sata protocol ssd.

How do you do that Jack? As to be honest I am confused as what is being sold is confusing.


Its clearly advertised as a pcie-nvme but then mentions sata.

Is that compatible or is the rule of thumb that they have to be 4 lane m key only?

The link you post should be compatible. The issue is, for some online store item description, the user can not tell the protocol of the SSD. I think as long as the description includes nvme, we assume it works.


Form Factor Description
Mini PCIE physical not compatible
M.2 B Key physical not compatible
M.2 M Key Most of M Key SSD on the market are NVMe protocol(PCIe x4 lanes), supported, few PCIe AHCI SSD is also supported. SATA protocol(nearly none) is not supported.
M.2 B&M Key Some of B&M Key SSD are NVMe protocol(PCIe x2 lanes), supported. Some B&M Key SSD are SATA protocol, not supported.

The protocol of the SSD(SATA or PCIe) is defined by #PIN69 on the golden finger of the SSD.

Its confusing isn’t it :slight_smile:
Its ordered so shall report back either way.


Indeed confusing, even on some mother board, the M.2 slot only support one type of SSD. We can implement the M.2 extend board to automatically detect and support SATA or NVMe, it will add some extra cost.

Well if that ssd I just ordered works I would say it heralds an end to legacy sata ssd’s as £25 GBP for 120gb is so little more than legacy sata, it would prob not be worth the cost.
NVME where very expensive in comparison but prices are dropping quickly.

I guess you mean this line:

The Integral M.2 NVMe SSD is a next generation form factor SATA III SSD

What they are talking about is this, it should be “M.2 SATA 22XX” not SATA III SSD. So it’s just a typo

Well fingers crossed as its ordered but for £25 for me that is like a great match for my 2gb Rockpi4.

I thought I should join in with the upcoming client experience of Panfrost and what might be a plethora of mainline distro’s

I have winced at the price of some NVME SSD but boy they are fast and if the above is true its great as 120gb a1 Micro SD still cost well over £20.