Runs fine but no HDMI output despite reflashing

Original title 原标题:正常运行但hdmi无显示,重新烧录系统也一样

最初刷完ubuntu 系统后,正常使用都几天没问题,过了2天后再使用的时候发现HDMI没有显示,这时候显示器的led一会亮一会灭(就是HDMI信号是有时无的状态),不过一直没显示,用ssh连接后也正常运行,就是没显示,重新烧写emmc上的系统也一样,应该不是电源问题,使用的是之前正常使用的那个电源

I flashed Ubuntu earlier and it was working fine. Today when I tried to use it again I found out that there is no HDMI output. The LED on my display is flashing, indicating it detects HDMI then loses the signal, but no image during the whole process. I can SSH into it so the board is running, and I tried to flash another OS to eMMC with no avail. The power is the same one I used before when HDMI was working.


Sounds like hardware issue to me, but worth a shot to try with a different set of HDMI cable and monitor.


I have the same problem here. Tried different cables and monitors, but with the same result.


Wǒ zài zhè li yǒu tóngyàng de wèntí. Cháng shì liǎo bùtóng de diànlǎn hé xiǎnshìqì, dàn jiéguǒ xiāngtóng.

I have two monitors at work both older. One works with the Zero, the other does not.

I remember early on when setting up the R0 with Debian 10, output wouldn’t always show up after the board had been on for awhile and then plugging in the mini-HDMI. I would switch virtual consoles and the display output would resume. Try Ctrl+Alt+F3 or Ctrl+Alt+F5. To get back to X windows, use Ctrl+Alt+F7.

If that doesn’t work, ssh to the board with the monitor connected and run: reboot

Hope this helps!