Running ouf of Space?

I probably missed a step, but here’s my set up. I’ve got a rock pi 4 b that I have running on and m.2 nvme ahci ssd. It’s a kingspec that works. It’s like 250gb. But I can no longer install anything, WHat have I missed.


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I have the same problem. RP4C running Debian for the C model tells me the same thing when I try to update or upgrade. I’m assuming the system is seeing the wrong partition to reference for app installs or updating. I’m running an Acer 128 GB NVME SSD with plenty of space and all other operations are fine (except I only have one USB 3.0 port that works and neither of the USB 2.0 ports work…oh, and no Bluetooth!)
Could someone please enlighten me?

I installed gparted and expanded the last partition of nearly all the free space. Haven’t had any issues…yet.

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