Running OMV on 4C

Just bought the 4C kit with a quad sata hat. I want to run OMV on it, what’s my best option? I flashed armbian to the emc but haven’t done the OMV install yet, keyboard and mouse are a bit flaky. Is the best option to run OMV on debian? Would it be better to opt for ubunutu server? Really just want backup storage but would like the option of OMV to run mini dlna.

Maybe Debian is the better choice, OMV itself is based on Debian.

Yes I think I’ll give it a go. Do you know if I can write to theemc from the sd card? Or do I have to take it off to flash?

I am also attempting to setup a 4c with OMV. I opt’ed to go with Armbian 5. Do not use 4.

@tmarsh Try the script.

Yep, Ubuntu server will not work.