Running FreeDOS on ROCK Pi X

I have a range of old DOS programs that do not appear to be happy with the windoze cmd shell.

For fun a DOS based SBC would be preferred.

So, has anyone tried installing FreeDOS onto a ROCK Pi X at all?

If not, would there be any quirks?

If I have usb distro, it should install no differently to either windoze or linux?


ROCK Pi X only supports UEFI booting. According to freedos wiki, it might be not possible:

Ah, okay. Pity.

Thanks @jack

Since x5-Z8350 supports VT-x, user can run a VM at full speed.

Still possible to run legacy boot VMs on a UEFI system. Can load FreeDOS in a VM and do it that way.

I had an Amiga once (really twice) and the thing there was how many various emulators you could run on top of one another until your machine choked.

Thanks @tjcs90 but the question was FreeDOS on bare metal.