RTL8211F Linux patch

Hello there,

we have received a new RockpiE that uses a different PHY chip on the eth1 interface (RTL8211F instead of RTL8211E). This component has a different characteristics (e.g. Rx and Tx delay).

Can you please share a SW patch of your Linux distribution that solves migration to the new PHY chip?


Hi @martyy

Check this dts file. https://github.com/radxa/kernel/blob/stable-4.4-rockpie/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3328-rock-pi-e-rtl8211f.dts

Hello @Stephen,

thank you for the hint! It seems to be working OK.

Do you plan to add a feature that recognizes the model of the PHY and loads the appropriate device tree automatically or will you provide OS Images separately for each one?

Hi, @martyy

Yes. Please check this release https://github.com/radxa/rock-pi-images-released/releases/tag/v20210824.