RS232/OnBoard Debug Port - Rock Pi X

Hi Rock Pi Community! I am soon getting a sample of the new Rock Pi X to review on YouTube( and after i am done reviewing it am going to use it as a Broadcast Audio Scheduler for my new Radio Station and it needs to be RS232 Capable so it Can Interface with My ‘Emergency Alert System’ Encoder specifically A HollyAnne SAM HU-961 Encoder but needs to be controlled via RS232 so does The Rock Pi X have a serial interface OnBoard?

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Leo Simons, Tug And Thug Computing

if your alarm system is RS232, you will need a level shifter, like MAX3232, because RockPi-X has 3.3V UART


A USB to RS232 adapter should work.

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why to occupy a USB port when it can be done with 1/10 of the price using the embedded UART?

as an example, I designed this board for connecting the UART port of any SBC to the debug RS232 port of a Cisco router

this design can be easily adapted, replacing the RJ45 connector with any other connector

total price of the BOM is less than 1 dollar