Rpi touchscreen problem Android

Dear @radxa,

Recently i bought the whole palette of your newer generation SBCs (3B, 5A, 5B).
Unfortunately one is worse than the other. I also bought 5" & 10" radxa DSI LCD MIPI Displays, and a 4.3" Raspberry pi compatible display (Waveshare). I tested your recent Android images, namely Android 11 on 3B and Android 12 on 5A. And despite the fact that rpi compatible touchscreens are supported according to your release notes, none of the displays work in reality.

With the 4.3" Waveshare touchscreen i saw no sign of life.
With the 5" radxa touchscreen, the backlight turned on, but nothing was displayed.
With the 10" radxa touchscreen something is displayed (see the attached picture) but basically it didn’t work either.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on how to use these touchscreens with the latest Android images on the above mentioned SBCs?

Rock3b releases images, only RADXA 8 -inch and Raspberry Pi 7 -inch screen.
ROCK 5B can already support the screen you said, but it has not officially released Image.