Root Password for root


Can you please give me the password for su “root” on the Debian os. You have only provided the linaro username and password.



Type : sudo passwd
and type 2 times the password you want.


Thanks a lot for your quick response.


I tried to log in with root account with the password I used after typing “sudo passwd”
it still says access denied


I had the same problem under Armbian. For me this helped:
sudo apt remove openssh-server
sudo apt purge openssh-server
sudo apt install openssh-server
After this, the install script auto generates new host keys and I was able to log in via ssh.

Sorry, I was going too fast. Root login was allowed on my Armbian, but may be forbidden on Debian/Ubuntu. Normally ssh is always forbidden for root. :wink:


Thanks Sun
I’m learning something new every day.


This is maddening. I had ubuntu to server running on the RockPi. I configured the wireless, rebooted and now cannot login. I have rewritten the image several times onto the SDCard to start over, but the result is always the same. I am using ID root and password root, but login always returns “Incorrect Login”. It should be soooo easy to get 64Bit OS on this device and it has been nothing but a nightmare.
Please someone help! Why can’t an image be generated that just works?


I didn’t install Ubuntu, doesn’t it have auto login account allows you to sudo? If yes just run “sudo passed” to set root password. Otherwise you can try my Debian ARM64 build, most of the features are working out of the box


It’s “Sudo Passwd”. But the Debian ARM64 is a better solution for now. It’s too painful to bring up wireless on the Ubuntu so that Mate can be installed. My issue was that after trying to install wireless and rebooting, I could no longer sign in with root and root. I suspect that SSH applied changes that invalidated the defaults. Very frustrating.