Rocp PI E - OTG with Debian Buster

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone knows how to enable the USB Mass Storage OTG in the Debian Buster? I have seen a post on Armbian. I don’t even know what is the difference between all the distribution, just looking for the more stable and lightweight.

Thank you,

Putting what I am doing:
-Switch to super user mode
$ sudo su

-Open the WIFI
$ nmcli r wifi on

-Scan WIFI
$ nmcli dev wifi

-Connect to WIFI network
$ nmcli dev wifi connect “wifi_name” password “wifi_password”

-Update package list
$ apt update

-Install Device-Tree-Compiler
$apt install device-tree-compiler

-Convert DTB to DTS
dtc -I dtb /boot/dtbs/4.4.194-17-rockchip-g07288d4ebac7/rockchip/rk3328-rock-pi-e.dtb -O dts -o /boot/dtbs/4.4.194-17-rockchip-g07288d4ebac7/rockchip/rk3328-rock-pi-e.dts

-Modify rk3328-rock-pi-e.dts
nano /boot/dtbs/4.4.194-17-rockchip-g07288d4ebac7/rockchip/rk3328-rock-pi-e.dts

-Locate section usb@ff580000
-Modify dr_mode
dr_mode = “host”;
dr_mode = “otg”;

-Convert DTS file back to DTB format
dtc -I dts /boot/dtbs/4.4.194-17-rockchip-g07288d4ebac7/rockchip/rk3328-rock-pi-e.dts -O dtb -o /boot/dtbs/4.4.194-17-rockchip-g07288d4ebac7/rockchip/rk3328-rock-pi-e.dtb

-Add g_ether module
sudo nano /etc/modules
-Add the following to /etc/modules