RockPIx turns off

Hello, I have the RockPIx with Windows 10. I have installed a program for the job, and I use it remotely. Unfortunately, however, many times the RockPIX is turned off and I cannot enter it. I have checked the settings for the energy saving and everything is ok. could that be the problem? Thanks

What are you basing your statement “it is turned off” on?

Attach a display and a keyboard to it and enter it locally when the circumstances you’re describing happen. I suspect a network connectivity drop/change could be the simplest reason for being unable to access it. Also check for auto shutdown due to overheating or exceeded power draw, depending on your application.

I find it turned off or locked. When locked, the monitor works but receives no keyboard or mouse input. This happens even without any use. I also thought a temperature problem, but the cpu is about 35 degrees.

I made a backup and installed on another RockPIX. Seems to never freeze. RockPI freezing is new. Could it be that?