RockPi4C Bluetooth connection issues

I’ve been reading a lot at this forum and saw a few posts with this same issue related to RockPi4b boards. Also, there was a patch available for the Bluetooth controller for RockPi4B. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to connect any of my BT devices with either official Debian 9 or Ubuntu-Mate. I tried so Far JBL BT speakers(3 different models), Audio technica, JBL and Sennheiser BT headsets. I tried with BT GUI manager and manually. The issue is related to its inability to detect any BT device within range. “Scan On” does nothing with my BT devices.
Does “rockpi4-brcm-patch” can be used on RockPi4C as well?.
I found only documentation related to 4B.
What are the differences with “brcm_patchram_plus1” file?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rockpi4-brcm-patch
sudo reboot

Did the trick. Bluetooth audio works well with all my audio devices on Debian 9 now.