RockPi4C, better and larger heatsink request

We’re pretty much committed by supporting the great RockPi4C board via Software. It will be ready for prime time once a new version of Armbian-Reforged OS is uploaded. However, there’s a small caveat in current RockPi4C design, The lack of a proper thermal solution.

Forgive my redundancy here, it’s well known RK3399 CPU runs extremely hot. So Far, I’ve tried multiple solutions that will not discussed here in detail, from copper shims on CPU from different mm including custom active and passive solutions that are simply not practical for the end-user, not to mention aesthetics and the extra cost involved.

I prefer passive noiseless solutions, we’ve achieved pretty good temps (under 55 degrees at full load) by adding a large aluminum heatsink which is a 150x69x37mm Monstrosity sitting on top of a layer of 2.0mm copper shim. The 150x69x37mm aluminum heatsink is currently placed right under the official Radxa Large Heatsink for 4C.

Is there any plans to release an improved and larger heatsink in a near future for RockPi4 A/B/C? We don’t mind if it costs double as long as provides a single and efficient thermal solution for our beloved RockPi4C’s.

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yeah, it would be quite nice, at least to have the option.

I think it already have a huge heatsink and IDK how bigger do you want.
This is RockPi4C heatsink

If you need more cooling than this then just put this on the metal platform so this heatsink will transfer the heat to the metal platform.

I do this with one of my TV box which I use for compiling kernels and I out another SBC with this heatsink under it.

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+1 to @spikerguy

That’s heatsink already have the same sizes as sbc (height with usb ports) and it’s works just fine under 100% load