RockPi4C, Acer M.2 NVMe not detected w/ Extension board v1.6

Using latest M.2 extension board 1.6

When I plug it directly to my RockPi4C NMVe port, it was properly detected

NVMe used: official Acer 256Gb

I’m using Radxa official PSU as follows:


Only have one(1) single USB port in use on RockPi4C, a USB dongle connected to one(1) USB 2.0 port (Logitech Unifying Dongle)

Question to you guys, Based on your experience, now I know neither my RockPi4C or Acer NVMe drive are defective. What do you think?

A) I just got a defective ROCK PI 4x - M.2 Extension board v1.6(DOA)
B) Official PSU I bought is not powerful enough to handle my NVMe drive

Currently booting from a 32Gb eMMC module with official Debian 9.

FYI, I’ve been running NVMe reading/writing and benchmark tests with the same Acer M.2 NVMe 256Gb for about 2 hours and performs 100% stable when connected directly to RockPi4C m.2 port.

Fixed. I unplugged everything, strongly reattached ribbon and connectors. I was afraid to either bend the ribbon or damage the tiny connectors. This time on Cold boot, a red light shown up on my Acer M.2 NVMe drive.
Some Impressive fast speeds, I must say I’m totally surprised. Wasn’t expecting such fast transfer rates.
Average read speeds @ 1.2GB/s
Average write speeds @ 972 MB/s

Just slightly slower than still the fastest M.2 NVMe drive for RockPi4C, Samsung Evo 970 Plus.

Thank you…!!