RockPi4B on Android TV....IMPRESSIVE

Well done for the Android TV image.
Everything I tried so far is working just as it should.
Video runs 1080p very well and CPU temperature remains low and stable with Kodi & YouTube.
Bluetooth works as advertised.
5GHZ Wireless works well.
Audio over HDMI works.
I really like this image.

My only complaint is with the choice to include what is labeled as RKMC (Kodi with broken bootleg addons)
IMO this is in poor taste. An official version of Kodi 18 would be much more appealing and appropriate.

Thank you for this image. :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen in the news, people have gotten into legal trouble by selling boxes with preconfigured Kodi add-ons designed for streaming content illegally. I’m not sure if this is different as it is an image that has to be installed but it would be recommended to include official packages of Kodi if possible rather than unofficial versions.