RockPi4B - IR/BT Remote for Android TV


just ordered a RockPi4B - intend to use as a STB hopefully. I have been looking for a platform for either desktop Android or TV STB.

My first question - hope it hasn’t been asked/answered else where?

is there a solution for a IR or BT remote… for use with Android TV?

Edit: a perfect solution would to be compatible with the LogiTech Harmony/Hub Remote.


we do have tested some BT remote and it works. But I am afraid that the LogiTech Harmony/Hub Remote is a BT to IR remote. It can not work with ROCK Pi 4…

Hai Jack,

Could you advise which BT remote you tested?

I use this wifi remote, you plug the wifi dongle into a USB port.

It has a Google Voice button, multimedia keys for video playback, you can map the number keys to anyting and the remote’s shape helps to hold it easily, no bulky or long remote.

I would recommend a wifi remote over a bluetooth one as the connection will be better and it also won’t interfere if you use bluetooth speakers or airpods.

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it looks like it needs USB Receiver to communicate with the remote…
USB receiver has to plug into ROCKPI4B to work… I was thinking to use inbuild BT (AP6256).

Most low cost BT remote should work. Just grap one from aliexpress.

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@vaz Some bt remotes first have to be enabled from Android Settings before they can work, so to do that, you could connect a USB PC keyboard, mouse and search for the bt remote and connect to it.

Some AndroidTV devices come with a certain bt remote where you can press certain buttons to auto pair on the setup screen but I think they also contain an extra driver to make this happen.
Wifi airmouse remotes are the best and work much better than bluetooth ones, no need to even pair them. I don’t think you even get decent bt ones, only ones like the ones that come with the Mi box perhaps but it works terrible.

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