RockPi4B doesn't boot on eMMC longer


I need your help to get my RockPi 4B (v1.3) working again. The OS is on an eMMC and after a system update it doesn’t boot longer (steady red led). I can boot from a SD card but when updating the bootloader it only updates the one on the SD card.

How can update the one on the eMMMC or revert back to the previous version?
Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome back,

Which OS ?

It’s Debian Buster Desktop running on the emmc

Check if this helps to erase your emmc/micro-sd cards fully.

If using Linux on your PC
run ’ sudo lsblk ’ or
for more detailed info on your drives, partitions.

Find your micro-sd or emmc(if connected with a emmc to sd-card adaptor) drive name.
It should be /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd or /dev/sde usually since your internal hard-drive is /dev/sda

Then run
sudo wipefs /dev/sdb ’ (replacing /dev/sdb with your micro-sd card/emmc drive name)It will show your partition table.
Then run ’ sudo wipefs /dev/sdb -a
to wipe the partition tables so the micro-sd/emmc has no booting info.

Use an app like Etcher to write your Linux image to the micro-sd/emmc card.
Etcher will automatically use all the free space or reformat your micro-sd card/emmc and rewrite all the partitions for the Linux image you are writing.
Etcher can’t remove the partition tables on your drive, so that is why you need to run the above commands to do it manually.

Thanks for the suggestion however I was hoping being able to keep my data and restore my previous installation :crossed_fingers: