RockPi4B, Debain, OMV, Seagate Barracude 510 NVME trouble

Hi All,

Relatively new to RockPi and Linux, but I consider myself some what technical.
I’m after a fast, lower powered NAS with ~2TB of storage that will backed up to the cloud.
I’ve set up my RockPi4B with Debain on the eMMC module, and loaded Open Media Vault onto it for NAS management duties.
I’m currently using a Seagate Barracuda 510 M.2 NVMe G3x4 512Mb SSD (P/N: 2NS313-300) until I can prove this as a suitable NAS and then I’ll put in a larger SSD (2Tb or 4Tb if they come down in price), most likely of the Samsung variety.

I’ve set the SSD up in OMV as an EXT4, and using SMB to share the drive to Windows devices. Windows can see the network drive.

The problem I have is that when transferring large files (I am using a 3Gb zip test file) from the NVME SSD (I had this set up previously on another machine running Ubuntu to get the files onto it to begin with), the transfer stops at ~17%.
When the file fails to transfer, OMV becomes unresponsive; the web gui is not accessible and the share can no longer be accessed via Windows.
Debian is still accessible at this time so the OS has not fallen over.

Not quite sure how to debug this one or if it is a compatibility issue with this drive and device?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Since this is an issue related to OMV and not RockPi4 or the OS, I suggest you to try OMV forum instead:

Ended up installing Armbian and OMV 5 (as opposed to OMV4 with Debain) and it appears to have resolved the issue.

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I have a rock pi 3a and the wired nic doesnt seem to be working with armbian. Is there some sort of trick for this?