RockPi4 LibreElec dptx.bin missing driver


Hi, @jack you added the new wifi/bt drivers here:

But it seems the previous existing folder located into ./rkbin/firmware/rockchip is no longer exists in that new version. This folder included the file “dptx.bin” (Type-C DisplayPort Driver).

So, when I try to compile the master code including this new change, I get an error because it’s missing. Now I changed manually the builder to avoid taking this missing file, but I wonder if this is really needed to get the system working properly.

Jack Ma, did you remove it for some reason?



The radxa rkbin LibreELEC branch is for building LibreELEC. It’s forked from Kwiboo with ap6256 firmware added.

We need it for LibreELEC building since the in the upstream LibreELEC code based, they refer a deleted revision of Rockchip official github.(The branch contains that revision was deleted by Rockchip but it’s still can be accessed by Github archive, same for the officail LibreELEC Rockchip kernel)

I don’t see any branch contains rkbin/firmware/rockchip/dptx.bin, what do you need it for build?