RockPI X with POE Hat

Hi, I have a few RockPI Xs with the 13 Watt POE Hat. I have 2 that dont boot at all with the POE hat - no matter which port on my Unifi 24 Port POE switch I put them on or which cable I use. All I get is the blinking blue light. Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this?

These POE boards were working until I rebooted them and this happened.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve used the RPi 4 PoE hat without any issue on my Unifi 8-port PoE switch. Double check but I believe the hat supports 802.3af or at.

Thanks, but I have 5 RockPI Xs and only now 1 of the POE HATS isnt working. It was working and then after a reboot it stopped working. I even switched cables, ports, and moved it to other Rock PI Xs and the problem follows the POE HAT itself.