RockPI X 2 news

Any news?Thanks

I have news, but I can not tell :wink:

Thanks :smirk:I hope you have them by January … I could unsubscribe from Hackboard2

This is what I want to see. The intel jasper lake cpus would be perfect

Jasper lake is 6w as compared to the 2w of the Z8350, but intel stopped making 2w chips so this is the best fitting. They have a SDP of 4.8W, I’m sure they can be tuned down. I believe a the Rock Pi X heatsink design would be enough for this CPU.
This board would dominate the SBC market.

Micro HDMI is a NO.
USB PD port should also be data for docks to increase display count (displayport over usb)
Maintaining the Raspberry Pi 3b form factor keeps case compatibility (with small modifications for bottom heatsink) and doesnt destroy features like full size hdmi

(This is just a mockup, not a real Radxa product. All components are scaled to the correct dimensions)