RockPi-S Ruby-HAT | opensource HAT for RockPi-S with lineout, headphone, OLED display, joystick and buttons

during last days I finalized a hobby project for RockPi-S


  • 5 directions joystick
  • 2 push-buttons
  • Line-out exposed on 3.5mm jack
  • Class AB headphone amplifier PAM8908 with 3.5mm jack output
  • 0.96" OLED display

Later on I will publish the complete project (including documentation and manufacturing files) on my Github, stay tuned!


Wow @Darmur you are keeping busy! :wink:

This looks super neat, and if I understood correctly, uses the analog outputs, so should work with the Volumio port already? I’m a bit preoccupied for the next few months, but will try and make some time to test/finish the I2S stuff for 5.x kernel as well.

Hi Ash,

yes, this simple design is using LINEOUT analog outputs, so your Volumio build will work without any additional change. The left 3.5mm jack is corrected to LINEOUT pins through DC-blocking capacitors, the right one is connected to a headphone amplifier (inputs for the amplifier are the LINEOUT signals as well). I already ordered some bare PCBs from China, they should arrive in NL within 3 weeks.

I am confident this design, together with a RockPi-S, will be a very good and cheap setup to run Volumio, because the quality of the embedded DAC is more than acceptable.

I made this simple design to have a good starting point for other projects, creating some variants with I2S DAC/AMP will be pretty straight forward.

As promised, there the full project published on Github

What’s available:

  • Schematic
  • Layout
  • Gerber
  • Bill-of-Materials
  • Pick&Place Centroid file
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Bare PCBs arrived today, I took some time to build one.

I’m not very good in shooting pictures, the display looks worst than reality (actually is very clear and defined!)

I’m little biased, but the HAT is very very cool!