RockPi-S future

Does anybody know what the EoL for the RockPi-S is?
I would like to use the latest Armbian images and store it on the build in NAND flash, but they are too big. So will there be a refresh of this with maybe more storage? My main requirement is the size.

ROCK Pi S will keep production until 2029, there will be a new ROCK Pi S come out in near future, drop the SD Nannd and use eMMC instead for more storage. SD Nand is not cost effective nowadays.

That is great news and yes an eMMC will be welcome.
I hope it is mounted and not a plugin (my2c).

Looking forward to using it.

Minimal Armbian images should fit.

The latest version that I was able to program and have boot after reset is the Debian Buster minimal image. Anything after that just does not boot. Unfortunately I must use Bullseye or later. I will build my own image as you mentioned in another question of mine.

Thanks for your time

You can try with DietPi , very light…

Armbian / Debian + all sorts of security hazardous script bloatware is not “very light”. Right the opposite.