RockPi E and CE/FCC/UK-CA certificates

Hi All,

Has anybody experiences in using the RockPi E as a building block of a commercial
device which has to undergo certification process
(Is there any CE certificate of RockPi E allready? I did not find any.)

I plan to use RockPi E as a building block for industrial communication devices.
(Soon there will be a RS-232 and 24V DC IN shield)
I am more than happy to find Radxa products after seeing that RPI (CM) is not
available longterm (as many embedded devices using AM335X and MIPS32…)

Anybody else her, who plans to use RockPi in similar setting.
I soon will have EMI pretest equippement ready.

Kind greetings,


ROCK Pi E FCC can be found here:

CE will be upload to soon.

Hi Jack,

Many thanks for quick answer and the Links!
This is really helpful for decision going forward using this as
a building block in industrial applications

Kind Greetings,