Rockpi alternative to Jetson for decoding/displaying H264 with gstreamer

Hello, i’m new to radxa products so just thought I would throw this out here.
At my company we are making products where we currently are using Jetson Nano’s to display live H264 video coming through ethernet (UDP). We are using gstreamer to capture and send the video on raspberry pi’s, but for decoding and displaying the video the raspberry 4 falls short.

Using Jetson nano and it’s gstreamer elements ‘nvv4l2decoder’, ‘nvvidconv’ and ‘nvoverlaysink’ we are getting acceptable performance (~30fps) for 1920x1080 video.

However we are looking for alternatives to the Jetson Nano, as it is hard to get hold of/expensive. Does anyone have experience doing this on a Radxa-product? Is there a Radxa SBC with hw-accelerated h264 decoding supported? Maybe the Rockpi N10 ? How do you guys think the Rock 4 SE would fare?

Thanks a lot