Rockpi 5b nvme boot

I followed the instructions on windows to get the 5b to boot via nvme and it errors out. I want to run android for games on my tv.

Any thoughts?

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What works for me is as follows. I have very little knowledge on hardware and the following steps are only based on experience.

  1. Flash Armbian for 5b on a SD card
  2. Boot from SD, with NVME installed
  3. run armbian-install, choose boot from spi, system on nvme etc.
    If it works, it is great, but mine has a lot of glitches, maybe due to PD power issues.
  4. download ubuntu or Debian image from the following link, “dd” it to your NVME

Good luck.

I have the nvme in and it doesn’t appear to be showing as installed. Do I need to do something?

See if it shows up on sudo blkid probably as /dev/nvme0n1p1

You need to create a partition first. I had the problem. But I can’t find a good online tutorial at this time, and I forgot which tool I used…