Rockpi 4C unable to flash SPI!

I followed all online guides Wiki. I tried to flash the SPI. I arrived to the point where the maskroom is well recognized by the computer (Linuxmint). After that I tried to flash it and the error code is that the write operation is impossible.

Please do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

what’s the error message, you’d better paste the log or take a screen shot

Unable to write the spi. The maskrom mode is tested. I mean that the maskrom mode is ok. But when the PC (Linuxmint) in sudo mode tryes to write the SPI the process fail. So my board is unusable.

Have you wrote SPI success before ? which image do you needm
Can you take a screen shot for the fail,

If you are trying this on a 4c+ there is no spi to clear.