RockPi 4C+Searching for an alternative RS485 to UART shield

Hello All,

I’m currently on the search for an alternative for my RS485 to UART shield ( see here:, which worked on the Raspberry Pi 3 B. Because of the current shortage of Rasp Pis we switched to the Rockpi 4C+. Now to my question: Do you guys know of any alternatives? I’ve tried everything to get the shield working on the RockPi, but unfortunately without any success (even tho serial console (on ttyS2) is disabled and UART2 overlay have been enabled in rsetup).

Edit: Im using Debian build (Linux 5.10.110-1-rockchip aarch64).

@Nasca Please help to give some advice

I fixed the Problem.
I forgott to update my config file (/etc/kernel/cmdline) by running u-boot-update, the shield is now running and I am getting the output I expected.

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