RockPi 4C as SOM?

Sorry, I may be made a post at the wrong section, but I can’t find a proper one for this question.
Are there any plans to create a SOM based on RK3399 ?



Not the plan, it is out actually!

ROCK Pi 4 Core

We designed a shield for it, with the shield logo.


looking forward to see the documentation and pricing.

Hello @jack, could you please tell - where can I check the pricing and availability info?

We are going to MP the SoM soon. For generally available, it should be in Dec. The EVB is still wip.

Could you please tell whom should I contact for volume pricing inquiry?

Hello! Are there any news about the SOM?

Are there any news about RockPi4 Core SOM?

It’s MP now. Do you plan to buy it for personal project or for business. Contact or our distributor.

Possible business after evaluation.
Tried to get volume pricing for a few months (contacted allnetchina) but can’t get any response from them.