RockPi 4B+, M.2 Extension board v1.6 and ecoPI Pro case

Hello RockPi 4B users,

I am facing an issue with my board, the M.2 extension and an ecoPi Pro Case (aluminum). I have the v.1.6 extension with the gold plated connectors improved ribbon cable. The ribbon cable is a bit long, thus I used all bolts available to be as far as possible from the board. Anyway, the ribbon cable is a bit folded to get into the aluminium case, the case is pressing on the cable (and thus on connectors). I have a 1Tb SSD plugged in the extension connector, and it worked well during 6 months with the RockPi.
Three days ago, I was working with my RockPi and everything suddenly crashed. I tried to power off and power on again, the green led was solid but the blue one wasn’t blinking. I have just opened the case, tried to power on again, and this time everything worked well. Nevertheless, every time I’m trying to close and screw the case, even as gently as possible, the RockPi doesn’t start (green led solid, no blue led).
I have already ordered a new cable and changed it once, the first time I mounted the ecoPI Pro case, and I suspect the issue is only caused by this cable and the tight case. This said, does anyone would have a solution that will last more than 6 months with this M.2 extension and this case ? Maybe I missed something ?
Thanks in advance for your advices