RockPi 4B+ eMMC flash failure with RKDevTool - image size is larger than partition


I just received my RockPi 4B+ and can’t succeed in flashing the eMMC with the Debian RockPi official image.
I’m trying to follow the Wiki procedure step by step and althought the loader works well, when RKDevTool tries to download the Debian image to the eMMC, I have a partition size error.
Can’t get to understand how to solve this, neither if the GetParameter error in the log has any importance.

Can someone help me please?

17:07:28 760	RKDevTool v2.8.1.0 start run
17:13:24 581	Layer<3-1-3>:Download Boot Start
17:13:30 469	Layer<3-1-3>:Download Boot Success
17:13:30 474	Layer<3-1-3>:Wait For Maskrom Start
17:13:30 942	Layer<3-1-3>:Wait For Maskrom Success
17:13:30 948	Layer<3-1-3>:Test Device Start
17:13:30 954	Layer<3-1-3>:Test Device Success
17:13:30 960	Layer<3-1-3>:Check Chip Start
17:13:30 967	Layer<3-1-3>: Check Chip Success
17:13:30 973	Layer<3-1-3>:Get FlashInfo Start
17:13:30 977	<LAYER 3-13> INFO:FlashInfo: 00 00 9D 03 00 04 04 00 28 00 01
17:13:30 982	<LAYER 3-13> INFO:GetFlashInfo-->Emmc storage.
17:13:30 988	Layer<3-1-3>:Get FlashInfo Success
17:13:30 994	Layer<3-1-3>:Prepare IDB Start
17:13:30 998	<LAYER 3-13> INFO:CS(1)		(29600MB)		(SAMSUNG)
17:13:31 008	Layer<3-1-3>:Prepare IDB Success
17:13:31 015	Layer<3-1-3>:Download IDB Start
17:13:31 043	Layer<3-1-3>:Download IDB Success
17:13:31 048	Layer<3-1-3>:Wait For Maskrom Start
17:13:31 507	Layer<3-1-3>:Wait For Maskrom Success
17:13:31 512	Layer<3-1-3>:Test Device Start
17:13:31 517	Layer<3-1-3>:Test Device Success
17:13:31 523	ERROR:GetParameter_Loader->Check parameter tag failed!
17:13:31 529	Layer<3-13>: Download rockpi4b_debian_buster_xfce4_arm64_20210824_0233-gpt at 0x00000000...
17:13:31 533	ERROR:DownloadImage-->image size is larger than partition,image=5859375,partition=112
17:13:31 541	Layer<3-13>: RunProc is ending, ret=0

I’m answering myself for future reference for other people in the same spot as I was.
Using the latest version of RKDevTool (2.84 instead of 2.81 in the Radxa doc) fixed the issue. I successfully loaded the official Debian image using the standard procedure.

Hello. Can you describe how you reflash emmc? When i try do this (instruction there - on wiki site for load rock pi 4b from usb otg to emmc), board in maskrom mode. I load RKDevTool, but i don’t see this picture
I see this!AndroidTool1.PNG
I clear all and add Image manually. But get error.
Can you write what image you flash and where you get him? And why i don’t see normal line with choise Image???
Thanks in advance.

I’m answering myself for future reference for other people.
I use RKDevTool v.2.84, and start it on disk c:\
The program does not like not english symbols.
Note from I do not understand
Note : Normally the image name should ends with xxx-gpt.img. If the image name ends with xxx-rkupdate.img, you can not flash with this method.
i flash armbiant and manjaro from, but image of these OS is not contained rkupdate in name.