Rockpi 4b Black Screen of DTH

new to rockpi but not flashing using etcher. Currently have 4 debian rigs goin on rpi and wanted to try the rock pi but have had nothing but hassles. No image seems to be stable. I have installed about 20 times over the weekend with varying levels of success. Sometimes id get into chromium get sync going and then all of the sudden it will black screen and no lights will be on the board. Reboot and will get right back to the login go back to chromium and now just open it and it will crash the pi. The most success i had was on my last attempt which i got xmrig installed and then started the miner up to which it got a few lines in and then crashed also. Not sure where to go from here. Is there any os that just works all i want to do is mine on it so i guess no gui is needed but i find it kinda useful sometimes.

Do not use the 5V USB C power supply to power the ROCK Pi 4. You need a USB PD or QC compatible power supply.