Rockpi 4 UK stock

Hi all, looking forward to getting a rockpi4 for a project I’m doing but can someone tell me who stocks for the UK ?

I initially ordered from allnet China as per a post on the forum that I found from Dec 2018. I have just read this morning that at the bottom of their page it states they do not ship to Europe. I have emailed to confirm if my order will go through but does anyone know if they still ship to UK or if I need to use another supplier.


Try here, been having the same problem.

quick delivery.

Wow that’s expensive, I’ll wait and see what allchina come back with, not bothered about delivery speed

Maybe they will respond after the Chinese holidays that end on 10/02/2020 and will resume shipping workdwide.
You could also try Allnet Germany and contact them if they can ship to you -

Hi, just a quick update. UK shipping is still available from allnet China but they are having issues moving the product due to the corona virus restrictions.

Wanted to get me rock pi 4b 4gb and some accessories, but couldn’t get it. They shipped it twice, but always got rejected. In the end they refunded me and said they were unable to ship it to Slovenia.

Just an update, My rockpi arrived within 2 weeks and is working fantastically.