Rockpi 4 don't any sign of alive anymore!

I recently buy a rockpi 4, I installed heatsink on it.
Then I load debian desktop on it and vnc server.
Then suddenly next day, it didn’t boot anymore.
With any of official images in wiki.
I also run lsusb without sdcard and emmc, but I didn’t any output.
I open heatsink and see some glue overlap on boards
I clean them but not work.
Any suggestions?
Is my board alive?

Hey @Bashid,

Can you post a picture of the back of your Rock Pi without heatsink, as well as a picture of the heatsink itself? I think it would be helpful to see if there is any visual damage or not.

I don’t see any damage.
A question:
Leak of heatsink glue can cause short circuit or etc?!

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I am new here also. Have read some threads in which the old version of heatsink (where all corners were not filed off) caused issue.

In your case physically it looks ok. Try to check your power supply too. 9V 2A QC 3 is recommended.

Is only green light (power) on, or does blue light (heartbeat) also blink?

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I check power supply, it’s ok
Unfortunately only green light on.
Any idea?

No mate. Maybe someone from the @radxa team can help.

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Hey @Bashid

If you have a USB TTL debug cable, can try connecting it while booting and check if there is any output.

You can also contact the seller to tell him that the board has stopped working and ask for support / refund / replacement.

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I have a rock pi 4b ver 1.3 board that I can no longer use. Key board bricked after sound connector fell off, which never used. I had bought over $200 add-ons for that board, I can’t use. Radaxa told me to go back to the distributer for and RMA, but so far nothing. If you can try an RMA good luck

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I found something!
My 9 Volt power, became short circuit before come into rockpi 4.
What’s happen for rockpi4 in this situation?
can be repaired by substituting any IC?