Rockpi 4 C NVME SPI boot only once


I am trying to setup NVME boot on RockPI 4 c.

I have tried different things, but no success.

First I have installed Redxa SPI last u-boot image over OTG.
Download last Armbian for Rock pi 4 c. ( Own building last Armbian for Rock P4 C trunk from 10/28 5.8.16 , I had tried too )
Install image on SD Card. ( dd )
Boot from SD card. Copy Image over scp to SD Card.
Copy image with dd to NVME.
Shutdown and remove SD Card.
Boot from NVME ( Works on every try ).

Login and change password.
Add one user.

Shutdown and try to reboot.
The System never reboot.

The serial console shows.
64.495100 nvme nvme0: I/O 24 QID 0 timeout, disable controller

What can I do ? Or does this configuration can’t work.
May be a Setup Step is missing

Booting with SD, the nvme Disk work fine. ( Mount , copy )

I try 87W USB-C Power adapter and the original Radxa USB Power adapter.
Two different rock pi c, the same

Best Regards