RockPi 4 B+ for a NAS

Hi, I’m planning to build a NAS with a RockPi 4 B+, however I’m not really familiar with the hardware world so I had several questions.

The first one is about the processor, does it support hardware acceleration encryption, especially AES instructions ?
It’s to use luks on the storage drives of the NAS.

Secondly, on the penta SATA HAT it says you can have up to 100Tb of hard drive but this value is not specified for the quad one. Up to how many Gb can you put in?

I was looking at prices on allnet and came across this:

Is there any documentation for this module like for the SATA HATs?
If not, i have few questions.
How is the power supply of the sata disks managed with this module?
Can you put this component and a quad SATA HAT at the same time to have 8 SATA ports?
And same question as for the quad SATA HAT, up to how many Gb can you put in this module ?

Thank you in advance for your answers and for taking the time to read me

  1. Support AES encryption.
  2. The Panta HAT has five interfaces (4sata + 1esata), each up to 20TB.
  3. The documentation:
  4. Can’t be used at the same time, they both use GPIO power supply.

Thanks for the response.

  1. Ok, nice to know!
  2. Ok, so I guess it’s the same for the quad hat, so 4 interfaces, each up to 20TB
  3. The link I sent is not the Penta HAT, it’s a m.2 pcie to 4 sata module but it doesn’t seem to use any gpio unlike the penta hat, and I can’t find the documentation anywhere.
  1. I’m sorry I misunderstood. They can work together.

How can they work together?
Both need the m.2 port and you only have one on the RPI4.

Can work with quad hat, not penta hat.