RockPi 4 A/B giveaway

First giveaway of 2 rockpi’s 4 A/B. You can win:

  1. Rock Pi4 A with (case and power supply) (winner: piter75)
  2. Rock Pi4 B with (without case and without power supply)

Winner of Pi4 A is the first user on communitie’s discord.

To win Rock Pi4 B, achieve same or better result than this:

Уважаемый Пётр, вы выйграли как первый пользователь на дискорде.

How to claim my win?

3 possibilities:

  1. Keep your privacy. Post your bitcoin address. Order your RockPi4 from any distributor and post the bill here, I will send you immediately bitcoin’s in same amount.
  2. Send PM to discord owner with your address and we will order for you.
  3. Use escrow, as example Inform @jack about your win and @jack will forward the bill without sharing your privacy. (This option is not confirmed by jack nor by any team members). You can choose any of official RADXA distributors.

Feel free to ask any questions on discord, questions in this thread will not be replied (it is up to radxa if they lock the thread or let you discuss).