Rockchip RK3399 Kernel on RockPi4 is it possible?

It could be a stupid question, sorry in advance. If I try to build and install RK3399 kernel on my rockPi4 v1.4 ( , what could happen?
a) by sure it does not reboot
b) it depends if you correctly setup all the drivers
c) it could reboot but some functionalities (e.g. WiFi) will be lost because have been customised by Radxa?

In case o c) answer which are these functionalities?

Radxa forks that Rockchip kernel and ads their board properties. With other words - its pointless act. If you want to play with kernels, rather use Armbian tools for compiling on your x86 PC and deploy kernel (or image) to the board.

Thank you Igor I’ll make some trials with Armbian tools.

The origin of my question is that I’m trying without success to install OV5647 Driver (up to now overlay mechanism didn’t work to me) on Ubuntu 18.04.
While on Rockchip kernel source I’ve found several references to OV5647 (e.g. drivers/media/i2c/ov5647.c) , on Radxa forked version I didn’t find any reference to OV5647.
So my question.

I am poor with cameras, sorry. Not sure how is this with Armbian, but kernel sources are fundamentally different

Not sure if this is good or bad for your case. Good luck.

I think we support ov5647 some time ago:

You can just enable the overlay.